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Sergei Batluk carried out a three-month seminar about prayer in Dunayevka village
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16.07.2014 23:40

Church of Dunaevka UkraineMid-June of this summer was marked by an important event for many believers Azov district of Zaporozhye region. It was the time when the three-month seminar of the course "The theology and practice of prayer" began in a Church of Evangelical Christians, which is located in Dunayevka village. Everybody who wanted were able to come to this seminar. The meetings which were hold within the framework of the seminar, were weekly, and more than 35 parishioners from the Dunaevka, Alexandrovka and Victorovka villages, and also several sisters from Melitopol, were able to come to these pleasing to God fellowships. The speaker was Sergei Batluk from Zaporozhye, who has master`s degree of practical Theology, master`s degree of History.

This seminar will long remain in the hearts of people who have attended these meetings. Because every meeting was filled with the Holy Spirit, and  the attendees of these fellowships, not only enriched the theoretical knowledge in the area of prayer, but also learned how to apply it in everyday life. Also during the seminar the visitors were not only learning the new things but also studying. It was also a wonderful time when they could communicate, share with close in spirit people.

Here are some responses:

"I thank and praise the Lord again and again. A huge appreciation to the brother Sergei for his lectures and for this wonderful seminar. He told us about the importance of prayer, how to bring it to the Lord so that it would be pleasing to Him. His lectures - is the food for such "hungry people " as we are. But the food is not usual but spiritual. And now we, who attended these meetings, more productive in pray and more understand the Word of God!"

Andrey Barsov

"The time I spent at the seminar  will always remain in my heart, because here I have learned how to be closer to God. I realized the importance of honesty, unselfishness, because only prayers of those who are " pure in heart " are pleasing to God. You can talk a lot about prayer but this seminar teaches how to apply the theory in practice: it teaches us to pray and be heard. And that's not all! These meetings have given me so much spiritual strengt, so filled my mind with spiritual food and meditations. I would like sincerely wish to our brother Sergei joy in serving God and the people!"

V.V. Volobuyeva

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